No other system does what ScooterTracker™ does! 

  • Replaces your existing home-based stationary life alert call system (and their associated monthly fees)!
  • Provides Peace-of-Mind and comfort for Users, Loved Ones and Caregivers!
  • Check with your Power Wheelchair or Scooter Manufacturer for Insurance-Paid Options!
  • Mobile - take it with you when you travel by car, airplane, train or boat!
  • No installation required (simply "peel-n-stick" on your wheelchair/scooter)!
  • Options for International Travel and Cruise Ships!

WheelChair Accessories - Rated #1 Power Wheelchair and Scooter tracking, security and health monitoring system by i-Consumer.Org

Get alerts by Telephone, Text Message, Email, or check status on the Internet! Just look at some of the Features!

ScooterTracker™ does MUCH MORE than track your Loved Ones! It assists Users and Caregivers with Managing Health Care issues. This provides peace-of-mind to everyone by automated many daily and routine tasks associated with caregiving.

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Works with any wheelchair, scooter, and brands!

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ScooterTracker™ - Perfect WheelChair Accessories


Included Features

  • One ScooterTracker™ electronic unit

  • One Wireless Push-Button Alert worn as  wristlet or pendant

  • Rechargeable Battery Pack

  • Electric wall-plug charger

  • Car charger

  • Self-checkBattery Level

  • Web-based management system

  • FREE "Live-Operator" support for initial configuration and help



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 Simple, Mobile, Friendly to Use

Don't wait a minute longer! Don't just trust yourself or your Caregiver for healthcare management. It's up to you to provide the best support you can.

ScooterTracker™ provides an on-line management system that automates daily and repetitive chores such as medicine reminders, doctor visits, birthdays and events of grandkids and loved ones.


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ScooterTracker™ is simple, with very few parts. A main unit that can stick on your power wheelchair or scooter, or carry it with you as you travel. Recharge batteries through a car power socket or from your home.

Terms & Conditions

Offer Details: The ScooterTracker™ is a unique electronic device that easily attaches to your power wheelchair, power scooter, or other mobile healthcare device that enables a person to move about both inside and outside of a home, residence, eldercare facility, hospital or other place of domicile. ScooterTracker™ provides GPS position location, battery power level, and other information via cellular networks that relays information to you on your telephone, cell phone, email, text messaging, and pager. Estimated price of $0.50 per day is based on a five-year ownership and a maximum of 62 Message Units per month. A Message Unit is either of one US domestic telephone call (30 seconds maximum), one US domestic cell phone call (30 seconds maximum), one US domestic text message (up to 128 characters), or one US domestic pager message (up to 64 characters). Up to 300 emails per month is allotted. Overages will be billed at $0.08 per Message Unit or email. International Message Units are not included in Message Units and are billed at the rate of $0.19 per International Message Unit. International is defined as outside of the territory of the 50 United States . Roll-over of Message Units or emails is not permitted. Your price may vary based on usage and length of ownership. General size of the ScooterTracker™ device is 6” x 4” x 2”. The wireless push-button alarm is approximately 1.5” x 1.5”. The actual size of your device and button may vary depending upon manufacturing considerations.

ScooterTracker™ is a fully integrated system that consists of electronic components, batteries, charging system, cellular radio signals, Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) radio signals, web portal, and internet connectivity (collectively referred to as ScooterTracker™ System). It is your responsibility to ensure that ScooterTracker™ System does not interfere with any equipment or devices which you may be near whether such equipment or devices are used for any reason whatsoever to include, but not limited to medical, health care, personal care, household appliances, business, or pleasure. Since ScooterTracker™ System uses publicly available signal systems such as radio, cellular and Internet, there are no guarantees that such signals will actually be transmitted to their destination. You accept the risks associated with any use of ScooterTracker™ System and are warned that you should consult your doctor before purchasing ScooterTracker™ System.

Since each ScooterTracker™ is built-to-order, your charge card will be billed at the time of your order. Delivery may take up to 6 weeks. You will be billed $499.00 plus $155.40 LESS any discount coupon or sales price coupon you use. You agree to a minimum three (3) year communication contract and on the next two annual anniversaries of your sale date, you will be billed each time for $155.40. In the event you change your mind after you have purchased the ScooterTracker™ System, you have 30-days after receipt of your ScooterTracker™ System to return it to us in the original packaging and in brand new condition. Before your return it to us, you must receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from ScooterTracker™. If you do not have an RMA, you will not receive your credit. If you do get an RMA, once your return merchandise is received and inspected to be in proper order, your credit card will be credited for the full amount. You are responsible to pay for shipping back to us.

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